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Graduates in the 21st Century should possess the social and emotional savviness to navigate adulthood with character successfully. Achievement Education is a comprehensive curriculum and easy to follow plan for educators and students, including exploring, understanding, and embracing core ethical values to guide them in school and life. What began as a doctoral study to harness the importance of character education has evolved into a useful tool to help students achieve in school and life. 


We have collected a body of research-proven practices to bring these concepts together and provide a comprehensive, proactive, and intentional implementation process to introduce, educate, and track students’ progress as they work towards becoming hopeful and engaged students.  This research combines character education, positive psychology, career engagement strategies, strengths-based learning, and comprehensive input from educators and parents to provide students a pathway to achieve in school and life.

We have learned that most standard approaches to character education are too complicated, confusing, expensive, and lack fundamental strategies and processes to track growth and progress. The Achievement Education approach is different. We provide the training, curriculum, calendar, support materials, monitoring tools, and communication plans to allow educators to do what they do best, TEACH.


Achievement education has resulted in staggeringly successful student results ranging from student achievement on standardized tests and college entrance exams to massive increases in college enrollment decrease in student discipline. Most importantly, student perceptions of positive relationships with their teachers remain steady at 93 percent.

We encourage you to explore our site and request more information to help your students grow in their character and performance to become achieving kids.

"Healthy relationships are essential to hopeful, happy, and engaged kids. School is sometimes the first place children make social and emotional connections and learn critical skills to help them learn and grow."
Dr. David Vinson, Ph.D.
Superintendent Wylie ISD


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