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Core Values

Achievement education includes exploring, understanding and embracing core ethical values to help students to become socially savvy as a successful navigation tool for school and life.

For a student to develop character skills they must learn the core ethical values and principles to make ethical decisions that positively impact themselves and others that grow social and emotional health.

Character Education

Achievement education delivers easy, meaningful and compelling lessons to teachers that include the best of attributes of character education, social/emotional learning as well as positive psychology to help students explore, grow and track social and emotional savviness. Character education and positive psychology lessons are designed by category and age appropriateness and delivered as a practical “best fit” to the school year. Students participate in research-based surveys and log their results into the profile.
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What does your future hold?

Parker and Emma have their sights set on their future!  Listen as they map their future the Wylie Way!  We encourage you to explore our site and request more information to help your students grow in their character and performance to become achieving kids

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