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Map Your Future


Our hope is that kids will discover their strengths and passions and match them with a plan, purpose, and engaging career to pursue following graduation.

We should prepare students for a life beyond high school, and this includes a career our kids find engaging that gives them meaning. When more than 75% of jobs require some post-secondary degree or certification, part of that preparation includes something beyond a high school diploma.

If we can provide them a map for their future, they are much more likely to be happy and hopeful adults who will give back to the school and the community.

Map Your Future Day

Educational achievement should include proactively map a meaningful career for students’ professional future, ranging from simple awareness at the elementary level to readiness by “test-driving their future” during high school. 

What better way to help students improve their chances on finding a career they love than by celebrating on Map your Future Day!

What does your future hold?

Parker and Emma have their sights set on their future!  Listen as they map their future the Wylie Way!  We encourage you to explore our site and request more information to help your students grow in their character and performance to become achieving kids

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